Monthly Archives: November 2023

Britthany Smith: Thats How I Like It

Brittany is a very horny girl. I like very rough Anal sex. I love a very big cock that fucks me very well and gently. I have a fantasy and I want to fulfill it with 2 semi-large cocks that you destroy me and make me moan with their name and feed me. of his semen in the ass then pass my fingers and lick it with all my excitement

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Luci Morgan: Only for Me

He looked at them as if he had wanted them for a long time, and I felt myself moving at a slow pace. I sat back to continue playing with the shot, so it wouldn\\\’t go down so quickly. I dropped some more of the glass as Val bit into the lemon slice, a small puddle forming just below my ribs. She reached down, brushing her hair away with her hand, and traced a path with the tip of her tongue from the waistband of my pants, She bit under one of my breasts, drawing a moan from me. ?~?

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