Samantha Roa: Telephone !

Hello guys, I have added my phone number, you can call me, you will have a hot conversation, and you can hear me moan your name in your ear, I wait for your call and have a very hot moment while I moan in your earcall me!

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Scarlet Bridge: For Everybody

Se que muchos estan nuevos aqui y tambien estan antiguos. Gracias por acompanarme en este proceso de ir creciendo como modelo, por tomarse el tiempo para saber de mi, para saludarme o contarme sobre ustedes eso lo aprecio mucho. Tambien disfruto de los momentos de pasion y sexo que hemos tenido. Espero todo vaya bien en sus vidas, sean muy felices y en los momentos no tan buenos que puedan sacar lo mejor de ello y salgan adelante. Aca los espero para que vivamos mas aventuras winki winki to, xoxo youre favorite Escarlet.I know many are new here and there are also many who are old. Thank you for accompanying me in this process of growing as a model, for taking the time to find out about me, to greet me or tell me about yourself, which I really appreciate. I also enjoy the moments of passion and sex that we have had. I hope everything goes well in your lives, you are very happy and in the not so good moments you can make the best of it and move forward. I’m waiting for you here so we can live more adventures winki winki to, xoxo youre favorite Escarlet.

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Mahia Merlano: A Little of Me for You

Nature is my sanctuary! I enjoy every moment outdoors, exploring forests, mountains and beaches. Traveling allows me to discover new fascinating landscapes and cultures, but what excites me most is the opportunity to meet incredible people along the way. Each meeting is an opportunity to learn and grow, exchanging stories and experiences. For me, true wealth is in human connections and the infinite beauty of our planet.

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Nina Donovan: Grettings for U

Hello guys, good morning, today I have a very sexy outfit and I thought you would like it, in reality I find the color pink very sexy, we can enjoy great promotions today! Additionally, I also wanted to notify you that I already have x/twitter, I will be leaving it in the topic of my room!

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Sophiie Lopez: Mi Primer Blog

Today I am celebrating 15 consecutive days of being here on the site.and I want to show here who I truly am, and there is a situation here where I thought that they only happened to me and that they were only my fetishes and here I agree with a lot of people who also like what I like to doThere were things that I thought only happened to me and I was embarrassed that they would happen to me when I was with a boy. Now I understand that squirting is very normal.

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Lexi Vie: I Already Fucked in the Gym

I finally got one of the guys who was watching me while I was doing my leg routine, since I purposely made my leggings show my camel toe, and he couldn’t resist and fell into my trap, so while I was going to the showers I made a sign to him with my look and he followed me to where he found me and wildly I pulled down my leggings and put his cock in me without using a condom. I didn’t think about that. I just wanted him not to take it out until he left his milk in me.

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Marley Luna: Welcome to My Daily Corner,

Where words intertwine with everyday experiences and the thoughts that dance in my mind! This space is a reflection of my personal journey, taking the simple and extraordinary moments that form the tapestry of my life.Today I find myself contemplating the sunrise, a palette of colors that paints the sky as the world wakes up to a new day. In this journal, I will share my reflections, discoveries, and small joys that cross my path. It is a constant reminder that every day is an opportunity to learn, grow and appreciate the beauty around us.

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Lexi Vie: I Find out That the Gym Makes Me Very Horny

A few days ago I decided to start sculpting my body to have a bigger butt for all my users, but I didn’t count on exercising and sweating, and seeing men sweating and exercising next to me, that combination makes me very sick, I realize I’m a pervert, because just seeing those men lifting weights I could only imagine all of them fucking me wildly at the same time, and fucking me wildly and I couldn’t concentrate to exercise I only felt my vagina getting wet with each man I saw , until reaching the level where the humidity penetrated my underwear and was noticeable in my leggings…. I confess that I have thought about telling everyone that we should have an orgy!

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Britthany Smith: My Horny Neighbor

Oh yes, honey, it was one day that my venico was very horny at home watching a porn video and I went to lose him a big favor and he looked at it and when he saw me he covered his cock and it is very hard. My desire to try it made me want to try it. touch because I had it very hard as a rock and I told him if I was alone at home and he said yes but let’s go to the bathroom it would be better so we can take a shower while you suck me off and then I’ll put you in doggy style and fuck his ass hard once I We were in the bathroom, I started to suck his cock with great enthusiasm and he came in my mouth so quickly because his balls were very tight with semen. I thought he was only going to come once and he told me, don’t leave yet, act like a puppy. I’m going to fuck your ass but don’t go moaning so loud because they can hear us I said ok but his cock was so good inside my ass that I moaned like a whore until he made me cum twice

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Britthany Smith: Fucking in a Forest.

It was a normal day in which I met a boy who lived very close to my apartment and I really liked this boy and every time I saw him pass by my apartment I looked at him with pleasure and the desire to be with him.At the time this boy left the country and returned in 3 years, when he arrived I did not know who it was since this boy had changed a lot with much more body and I asked my neighbor who he was and she told me that he was the boy who I liked him 3 years ago, days went by and I ran into him in a park and he was staring at me without taking his eyes off me.It was 9pm and the park was left alone and I didn’t want to leave because he was still in the park, – What are you doing alone at this time in the park – I asked the boy. "I’m not alone, I’m with you," he answered.I started to get excited just by hearing his voice, I sat next to him and started having a somewhat heated conversation with him, he started putting his hand in my ass and told me: – My cock is hard, would you like to suck it? – That boy told me – Of course yes, but let’s go to a place where no one sees us – I answered.We went to the forest and I knelt down to suck his cock, so much so that tears came out of my eyes as if he were crying. After a moment the boy tells me: – You suck it very well, you are a whore.Then he saw that my ass was wet and he wanted to fuck me, he put me on all fours and started fucking my ass so hard that he made me cum without touching myself, I told him that my cock was about to explode and he wanted to have my cum in his mouth.He took his cock out of my ass and knelt down and I came in his mouth while he masturbated and came on my feet. After we failed we left and when this guy got home he sent me an email saying that he had never experienced something so delicious, who was always looking for me so that we would fail in all the places we found.

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